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Ukraine is Your Oyster

Best reasons to consider Ukraine & LightClix as your next software service provider

If you are reading this then you’re probably familiar with ‘outsourcing’ and ‘outstaffing’ terms. And you have probably outsourced before or considering outsourcing your tasks one way or another.

Regardless of your experience with outsourcing: whether it was negative or positive, let us briefly describe what other companies most likely never told you directly and what makes the biggest impact along the way.

So, without further ado, here’s a brief intro of LightClix

About us

We find an effective way to help your business evolve by building and managing experienced dev teams. This is a long-lasting relationship that we are offering you to have with us.

Our key distinctive features:

We preach transparency and straightforward communication with our clients

The company’s hierarchy is flat and gives us the luxury option that big companies can’t produce: reacting to your changes within hours

All our developers have excellent written and spoken English skills

Our recruiters have unparalleled access to Ukraine’s and Poland’s top software development talent

Working with us, you would save both time and money by foregoing recruitment, retention, and tax costs of direct employment

Have we told you we were located in Ukraine? Lviv city of Western Ukraine to be exact – our country’s blooming center of Technical universities and graduates. Our local ‘Silicon Valley’ of talent so to speak

Our Work models

  • Outstaffing
    Price per person per month – for building lasting relationship with your future team
  • Outsourcing
    Price per person hour – for getting the job done ASAP

And of course, both models support short and long term projects.

Buying something, whether it be a shiny piece of electronics, a tool, or productivity software is only the first step. Advancement requires mastering the acquisition, applying it to your day-to-day and being open to how the new experience can change your preconceived notions of how things ‘should be done’. That’s what we do for our clients.

What else you get?


We’re ‘All In’ for financial transparency without any additional hidden charges and unexpected  nuances. Additional discounts are in place if the team size is more than 5 employees or the duration is more than 1 year


IT administration and security measures for office space & laptops. New i7-i9 laptops with 16-32 RAM, and at least 512GM SSD & 2 monitors setup.


Including candidates’ background checks, vetting, pre-screening, interviewing, onboarding and HR support during full time engagement: coaching, training, attending seminars, and conferences. 


Including payroll management in compliance with local legislation and taxes.  Transparent invoicing without any extra or hidden fees.


Snacks, soft drinks, team and project-building events and company retreats to manage our employees’ overall job satisfaction ratings

Some Additional Cost-saving Perks:

  • LightClix provides the one-month try-out period for each new customer with an option to terminate the cooperation in one business day during the first 30 days
  • We employ only Middle and Senior level professionals, and don’t hire junior developers / Interns
  • You will know & meet your employees in Person (or remotely) and you will know who works for you
  • Our rates are flexible and rely on each particular developer’s skill set, but overall the usual ranges of Ukrainian developers help you save (compared with in-house hiring):
    1. ~30% – 40% in salaries for QA & Management personal
    2. ~25% – 30% in salaries for Software Developers & Architects

Rather than inhibiting your choices, we guide you with opinionated technologies, services, training, and support, so you can work smarter, not harder. No matter where you are in your journey, we’ll make sure you’re well equipped for the road ahead.


We are a mid-size company of 50+ professional developers, QAs and managers. We’ve been on the market since 2016 assisting our clients of different caliber with software development and testing all over Europe and the US. We take Transparency and mix it with Honesty, enabling both our customers and employees to generate innovative ideas and achieve bigger goals.

We do it all: No job is too small for us.
Let us assist you so you could reap the benefits of Ukrainian software development niche!

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