Get access to a large tech talent pool to alleviate the pressure of a backlog without hiring, training, and maintaining long-term salaries. Hire a dedicated software development team of hand-selected engineers


Boost your development capacity with quality talent. Quickly hire senior developers with advanced degrees and solid experience in your domain.


time spent on recruitment. The average time-to-hire for a software developer is 1-3 weeks. We can provide you with our staff, who will be ready to start work within one week.

About LightClix Dedicated Team


Since 2016, we’ve been assisting European and North American companies with creating their software solutions by building engineering teams in our own office that work as an extension of the clients’ in-house teams.

  • They can't find the needed talent on the local labor market

  • They seek to reduce the cost of on-site software development

  • They need to extend their in-house development capacity

Why clients choose us?


We create bespoke and feature-rich products for businesses which are 100% compliant with your requirements.

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