About Client:

Client is a transportation company that offers a range of services and solutions for the cities’ transportation industry. Their main offering is a mobile app that provides real-time information and routing suggestions for public transportation options in cities around the world. The app allows users to easily plan their routes, access real-time information about bus and train schedules, and receive notifications about disruptions and delays. In addition to the mobile app, the client also offers software development services for transportation companies, helping them to create custom solutions for managing and optimizing their operations.



  1. Our solutions are reliable and user-friendly
  2. Use latest technologies and methodologies
  3. Provide exceptional customer service throughout the development process
  4. Flexible pricing and engagement models
  5. Team is composed of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the transportation industry
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Colloboration Overview

  • Description
  • Challenges
  • Results

LightClix was working on running the client in Brussels city by:

– Optimising the architecture according to the Brussels requirements needs
– Integration with the payment system Ingenico
– Integration with the car sharing Cambio, Tier
– Integration with the public transport services – National Railway Company of Belgium
– Integration with the document validation system
– Integration with E-scooters & e-bikes renting system Dott
– Integration with AWS Cognito (login via email/Google/Facebook/Apple)
– Setting up emerying in AWS

  • The biggest challenge was adapting the client’s architecture to Ingenico payment system
  • The initial system was designed to using the old ways of payment – 1 step and 2 steps(including 3d secure)
  • The problem was that EU had introduced PSD2 (Revised Directive on Payment Services) that required using SCA (strong customer authentication) for such kind of payments. And the client was not ready for that at all
  • One more challenge was that the client did not separate the code for different clients (cities) so LightClix team had to develop everything keeping in mind the backward compatibility for the existing productions

LightClix team analysed the client’s architecture and prepared technical solution.

During the implementation phase, LightClix team redesigned and redeveloped a set of 6 microservices related to payments.

Also, the following metrics were achieved:

1. Enhance safety and reliability of public transportation networks by 20%

2. Reduce public transportation route planning and scheduling time by 50%

3. Implement realtime tracking and monitoring of public transportation vehicles with a 95% accuracy rate

4. Create fare structures and collection systems that optimize public transportation services for underserved populations

5. Increase customer satisfaction with public transportation services by 20% through improved access to information

6. Increase sustainability of public transportation systems by 25% through improved efficiency

7. Improve management and maintenance of public transportation infrastructure by 10%

8. Establish an open data platform to improve transparency and collaboration among stakeholders in the public transportation sector

9. Automate administrative tasks and processes within the public transportation sector to reduce manual labor by 50%

10. Monitor and analyze public transportation performance metrics to identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to address them.


  • Desktop
  • Mobile


  • App Development
  • Software Product Development
  • Project Outstaffing
  • UI/UX Design




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