The Client is a boutique property management company helping famous people, hollywood stars and their staff reinventing the traditional living and renting experience by providing houses and apartments near specifically required locations and movie sets.

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Colloboration Overview

  • Battleground: LA
  • Challenge
  • How we helped

The Customer was looking for a software development company that can develop both: website and an app, which should offer just a small portion of luxury homes, from newly constructed apartments to historic landmarks and masterpieces.

Being one of the most innovative states, Los Angeles is famous for its startups, wins and failures. And what we first did with our client was: we got connected to a dozen of famous leading real estate portals all over the States, not just LA alone, in order to get in touch personally with agents all over the US and use their connections to find a suitable luxury real estate for the top consumers.

It played out very well: The pricing change for the listings from low and medium to only high and expensive caused a drop in total amount of results (planned) but had the most suited listings and, more importantly, traffic dominance among high-end clients.

Simplicity was key so we made sure to include intuitive search functionalities and filters to make navigating properties across the site quick and easy.

Digital transformation of the real estate business is not about technology replacing agents altogether. It’s about working smarter, not harder, and becoming more accessible for customers. Innovative technologies are unlocking many possibilities for marketing, lead generation, paperwork, data transparency, and more.

Over the course of 2 years, the customer had often switched vendors and worked with many remote Dedicated Teams from China, Vietnam, India and Mexico, who were trying to develop the idea to life (create small-scale MVP). The biggest challenge for us was to expand the client’s expectations in terms of what can be achieved with a single team located offshore. This is called a ‘remote Dedicated Team’ of senior engineers. Over the span of 13 months, we would be responsible for creating the most brilliant and sophisticated project from scratch.

The customer had never had a project manager before, and because of this the development process was overloaded with problems. We had to push this issue upfront and prove that such a project required a single contact person, who could explain to the customer what was going on with the project and where it was headed in the nearest future.

Accomplishing Business Goals:

To avoid delays in the development process, we assembled the Dedicated Team in the shortest possible period of time. After analyzing the code and business rules of the website, we determined the initial number of senior professionals needed to start the Agile development flow and prepare stable ground for further team growth.

In 22 days, our Recruitment Department hired 4 .NET developers and 2 QA engineers to work closely together with platform architect (also on our side) on reviewing the requirements, grooming them and planning sprints for the new features development.

Accomplishing Technical Goals:

  • Our team implemented the Test Drive Development (TDD) approach to cover the code with unit tests and use of Dependency Injections along with encouraging SOLID principle and single EF context for the entire application.
  • We made the portal responsive, fast, and mobile- and user friendly. We moved it onto modern React, the latest .NET Core version, and implemented cool new features and new UX Design.
  • Our experts fixed the product’s security issues and sorted out the technical debt.


  • Real Estate
  • LA, California


  • Portal Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Dedicated Team setup
  • UI/UX Design




The app needed to be as light and transparent as possible

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