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Most Anticipated Real Estate Apps in the USA

In the United States, real estate apps have 26.2% mobile reach among online users. Are you struggling to find the best app among such a variety available online? Do you want to learn how these applications can help to enhance your business? Learn more about USA’s best real estate apps from our material.

Why Should You Use Real Estate Applications?

The main reason for the popularity of real estate apps in the USA is that they make life sufficiently easier for agents and customers. Such applications may include in-built maps and 3D tours, messengers, search & save options, and even a functionality to sign documents online.

The best real estate apps can give you the following benefits:

  • Better productivity – such apps save you from overwhelming paperwork, allowing you to save, list, and organize necessary data;
  • Faster property search – agents can easily browse all property details such as price, area, and images within a single platform;
  • Enhanced communication – both sellers and buyers will appreciate instant direct messages and support;
  • More marketing opportunities – the app can create a direct marketing channel, helping you to promote your company without additional effort

Top 10 Popular Applications in the Real Estate Sector

Numerous applications can help you find a house, manage the property, organize documents, maintain business communication, etc. Based on a survey of the most popular real estate platforms, we have identified the leaders in this niche in the USA. In addition to these giant house marketplaces, there are several other useful applications for a real estate agent.

So, let’s take a closer look at the best apps for the real estate sector in the USA. 


Zillow, the leader among real estate apps, gets 36 million unique visitors per month. This service has an impressive database of 100 million US houses, allowing you to personalize your search with special features to find the home you need. Zillow allows users to estimate home value, compare prices by area and time, and make automatic online payments.

Moreover, they also offer several specialized applications like the Zillow Premier Agent app that helps manage and communicate with leads. Such wide functionality makes it the best real estate solution for consumers and agents.


  • Impressive audience;
  • Great advertisement possibilities;
  • Powerful search tools;
  • Offers references for home renovation and design.


The second most popular online real estate marketplace, Trulia provides more information about the neighborhood where the houses are located. It allows you to look at the local map view and compare nearby sales, look for amenities in the area, transit options, etc. Instead of spending time visiting all the chosen houses, you can explore the neighborhood from the comfort of your home. Trulia also features crime map data, fueled by local law enforcement reports and news.


  • Great mapping features;
  • Creates a reliable picture of the neighborhood;
  • Has a wide audience.


With 18 million monthly visitors, aims to challenge Zillow’s dominance of the home search niche. They offer two mobile apps that allow you to search for a perfect house on One app, Rentals, provides a variety of apartments to rent, has accurate, up-to-date information, and has great filtering functionality. Another app, Real Estate, focuses mainly on sale listings, provides all property details, and even offers 3D tours. Both services can send notifications about new offers and price reductions and show you driving directions on a map. Such functionality features these services as one of the most popular real estate apps in the USA.


  • Advanced search functionality;
  • Useful notifications;
  • Intuitive interface.


Jotform Sign allows you to securely gather signatures anytime, anywhere – without the trouble of messy paperwork. It also enables users to automate their workflow from start to finish and eliminates all manual tasks. These make Jotform Sign a valuable tool for all real estate agents who want to save valuable time and boost productivity.  It has many useful features which allow users to safely store their documents, keep track of data, and generate reports. All of these add up to Jotform Sign being one of the best real estate apps. 


  • Safe and secure legally binding documents
  • Workflow automation
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop builder & 600+ customizable templates
  • Advanced document-sharing options and instant notifications 
  • Report builder to organize and manage data


If you want to advance your email marketing, BombBomb can help you to customize your letter with a video. You can record simple videos using your mobile device or computer camera and connect with your clients face-to-face. 

This app is integrated with Gmail and Outlook, so there is no need to open your email client: the application itself has all the required functionality to send emails. BombBomb also provides users with tools to track who watched the videos, so you can correct your marketing strategies accordingly.


  • Helps to create face-to-face communication;
  • Convenient in-app recording;
  • Integration with Gmail and many other services.


A fantastic free rental listing tool, Zumper has all the functionality essential for the best real estate platform: easy search, intuitive platform, real-time alerts, etc. At the same time, some features help Zumper stay out of the box. It runs Experian credit reports so you can check prospective tenants, making it extremely easy to collect broker fees. 


  • Great rental listing functionality;
  • Has functionality to learn more about tenants;
  • Free to post, and offers more tools for a paid plan.


Owned by the National Association of Realtors, RPR helps you access all reliable property data and create customizable reports to send to your clients. It offers residential and commercial modes, and only licensed real estate agents can access this platform. You can use the information from the RPR database and add your own notes and photos that will be private to you and your clients.


  • Gathers reliable big data;
  • Synchronization between the RPR’s app and website;
  • Amazing search functionality.


Any real estate agent will appreciate the convenient open house management tool called Spacio. This application allows you to create digital sign-in forms to collect clients’ information and automatically send follow-up emails. Spacio will form a database of people who filled in your forms and link each person with their social media accounts so you can learn more about your potential clients.


  • Automated emails;
  • Integration with listing platforms and marketing software;
  • Real-time reporting.


To keep in touch with clients, agents usually use multiple social media accounts, and Buffer helps to manage all of them efficiently. Integrated will the most popular social platforms, this app helps you to post to different accounts using one platform, pre-schedule publications, and maintain a consistent social presence without any extra effort. 


  • Integration with all major social media platforms;
  • One application for multiple accounts.


It wasn’t initially created for realtors, but now Dropbox is one of the best real estate apps. A fantastic tool for document management, it allows you to store any files you want and access them on the go. Keep all architecture plans, photos, property disclosures, or any other documents in the cloud and share them with your clients whenever you need,


  • Convenient cloud-based service;
  • Stores all necessary files on one platform.

Most Anticipated Real Estate Apps in the USA

The above-described applications can solve most tasks related to buying and selling property, but some other promising startups may be helpful for the real estate sector. They aim to make homeownership more affordable, add more flexibility for people who sell houses, and implement technology for real estate needs. 

Here are some of the most anticipated and innovative startups:

  • Bungalow – this service divides houses into multiple units that are easier to afford;
  • Knock – a platform that helps people to buy a new house before selling their own one; 
  • Atlant – a startup aiming to create a decentralized real estate marketplace to destroy the monopoly of big companies and reduce fees for tenants and landlords. They have already launched a set of applications on Google Play;
  • Enertiv – a service for managing your property maintenance and repairs on a single platform. They focus mainly on office and multifamily buildings.


Real estate applications can improve productivity, give you access to important data, and enhance your communication with clients. Numerous apps cover a wide range of real estate agents’ tasks. You can use giant marketplaces to place your listings, communication and social media tools to improve your visibility, applications for document management, etc. So, browse our list and find the best real estate app in the USA for your business.

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