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Chatbots everywhere?

The official ChatGPI API was released last week.

And most interestingly – Open AI has been vocal about this new API being suitable for a lot more than just chat. 

Here’s what we learned:

The new API “formalizes” how to prompt ChatGPT. It asks for a System Prompt, a User Prompt and ChatGPT’s response, as an Assistant message.

This reinforces that if you’re a power user of ChatGPT and frequently using the role-playing technique, “Act as an expert XYZ”, then you are on the right track.

The ChatGPT API is not just for chat bots. 60% of teams built on top of it for a variety of other use cases from data analytics and news summarization to games and marketing content creation. One team even created a version of Jackbox Games, but with ChatGPT.

In the chat category, we are seeing a few common themes emerge:

  1. Chat act as a new way to interact with data – your own, your company’s, and even public data like Twitter
  2. Chat as a new way to learn – quizzes, explanations, translations, etc
  3. Chat as a new way to delegate – ordering food for you, making a playlist
  4. Chat as a new friend – especially when combined with a “persona” like a childrens toy, fitness coach, etc.


Generate a digest of your entire email inbox with AI

Feeling the Monday morning dread of an overflowing inbox? Wish you had a magic button to summarize it all for you? We’ve got you covered in this use case deep dive!

With a simple drag and drop into a specific Gmail folder triggering the Zapier workflow, Sally is able to stay organized and on top of her emails in a simple, but effective way using AI.

By combining the power of Zapier and the OpenAI integration, Sally uses GPT-3 to summarize each email and generate a Slack message that provides a concise summary of the content and highlights any calls to action or deadlines within the emails.

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