The company name comes from the word ‘Light’ which reflects our main goal: being Easy to work for and with.
It is easy to work with us, because we are always listening to Your side of the story.
It is our dominant priority to make sure our clients and employees get all the necessary information required as is. No strings attached.
Because we are making ourselves aware of every little detail our clients bring to the table.
Because there is not a single task in the world, that an open-minded approach won’t solve.
Because We Just Make IT Clix!

Creation of a company

Established in early 2016, in Kharkiv, Ukraine, LightClix won the hearts and minds of many our clients by implementing a Light approach throughout each communication process, keeping an Open mind starting from the initial call and till the last project’s commit, and being Transparent with each party involved about every step we’re taking.

A great mind of Jordan Peterson in 2021 once said:
‘In order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive’.

LightClix’s ‘offensiveness’ is best proven by our desire to refuse ‘just doing it for the money’. And…You have to experience it yourself to really feel the difference.

With a total of 50+ employees in the middle of year 2022 (Ukrainian developers), We are mature enough to understand that nobody cares about our brand. And that’s totally okay.

Our drive is to bless our clients with life-changing opportunities to achieve the goals You want to achieve.

We are flexible enough to find a ‘light’ solution for every ‘heavy’ task.

unique approach

We always keep our hearts and minds open to your business needs and ideas. Because only this can guarantee to make us both flourish.


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Hanna Tomachinskaya

Senior Business Manager

With more than 8 years in business engagement, Hanna brings her talent to promote Lightclix vision to another level: the one that’s beneficial to our clients and our employees.

Andrii Diukov

QA Lead

Andrii has vast understanding of QA spectre in general and is always eager to learn new things to then share them with the team. By implementing revolutionary tactics, he has made a lot of clients proud of their QA teams

Valeria Brovko

Digital Property Product Expert

Valeria was one of our top additions to the already great team of Biz Devs. She bring to the table a lot of years of experience along with vision on how to build complex enterprise solutions.

  • Hanna Tomachinskaya
    Senior Business Manager
  • Andrii Diukov
    QA Lead
  • Valeria Brovko
    Digital Property Product Expert
  • 54
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